Mineral Wraps are hydration wraps that creates inch loss in two ways. The first is by aiding the lymphatic system in the removal of stored toxins. These wraps stimulate a process called lymphatic drainage, where toxins and fatty acids from your cells are released into the capillaries and eliminated along with the body’s waste. Drinking large quantities of water after this type of body wrap is common to help facilitate the detoxification and fat loss. Mineral wraps also help to eliminate the excess fluids and toxins by drawing them out through the pores of the skin. The result is an immediate and noticeable inch loss in the areas of the body where there is a large accumulation of fat to the hips, thighs, and stomach.

Body Wrapping and A BLAST FROM THE PAST! Mineral Wraps have been around since Egyptian Times.

What are the benefits?

  • Full Body Detox
  • Guaranteed 6-20 inch lost
  • Tones and Tightens the Skin

How can I prepare for my Mineral Wrap?

  • Please be sure to bring a change of undergarments
  • Drink at least 32 oz’s of water prior to the appointment
  • Please avoid large meals prior to Mineral Wrap appointment and after appointment.
  • Please notify your technician if you are menstruating or nursing.

We also offer Infrared Body Treatments:

Infrared Body wraps are safe and highly beneficial.  Infrared Body treatments work by far infrared rays. The far infrared rays penetrate deep into your body, making you sweat profusely and reap the detoxification, beauty, rejuvenation, weight loss, and additional health benefits.

Is an Infrared Body Wrap Safe?

Yes, Infrared Body Wraps are 100% safe.

There is no chance of burning or damaging the skin in any way. Infrared rays can penetrate deeply and gently into the skin in a very non-invasive way to raise skin temperature and expel fat and toxins.


Weight-loss, muscle tension relief, detoxification, increased metabolism, and a stronger immune system.

**Mineral Wraps and Infrared Body Wraps are a part of our membership services. Ask how to get signed up!